Friday, 21 October 2011


                                                 After watching Wrong turn 3 i never thought that there was gonna be an other movie in the franchise,and if there was one it would get more boring and more farther to the concept of wrong turn 1(which is one of my all time favorites),so i had mixed expectations on wrong turn 4 and was never impressed by the trailer.
                                               Then comes Wrong Turn 4 upsetting all my expectations,it was a slow start but things started kicking off as the movie went on.The story begins in 1974 in a sanatorium, you know what's next...oh yea! the mental asylum massacre,30 years pass by a bunch of kids with "kill me please" written on their backs take a Wrong turn and reach the Sanatorium,a couple of pranks and Bang! The crazy hillbillies are back in action.
                                              This was a huge improvement from the Director after making wrong turn 3,the story  is finally shifted from the woods,the casting was i dunno they acted pretty bad but it was funny,the kills were innovative and impressive and the best part of the movie was that it had something that was similar to the part 1,it was not just a killing rampage like the previous couple of films it had some content and a scene where people showed humanity which was highly dramatic,the hillbillies had to to run for their lives which never happened in the previous installments which clearly shows that this movie is a prequel.
                                                  There are some clichés with the make up of the mutants which was pretty bad and anyone can clearly observe that,the blood and gore was provided in good quantities and it does'n look fake like the 3rd part ,the music was okay which only shows up a couple of times though,Overall WRONG TURN 4 is a Gore hound's Delight and is a perfect Halloween Movie,if you liked the Wrong Turn 1,Don't miss this.

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  1. well, I just hated it. It's about as stupid and unbearable as Part 3.