Tuesday, 29 May 2012


HELL(2011)Written by: Tim Fehlbaum and Oliver Kahl.
Directed By: Tim Fehlbaum.
Starring: Hannah Herzsprung, Stipe Erceg, Angela Winkler, Michael Kranz and LisaVicari
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            "HELL" is a German post-apocalyptic thriller(No,Not about the after effects of WorldWarIII or may be it is) which tells the story of Marie and her little sister Leonie trying to Survive the apocalypse caused by the radiations of the sun,passing through a lot of obstacles including a bunch of Cannibals(They had no choice)
                                             Well the Title of the movie "HELL" which means "Bright" in German,deals with some serious issues that might happen when you Piss-off the mother of nature.The movie follows a group of survivours Marie(Hannah Herzsprung),Leonie( Lisa Vicari),Philip(Lars Eidinger) joined by Tom(Stipe Erceg) seraching for heaven which is indeed a place with some water  as per the content of the movie."HELL" is a fast-paced movie with no real time for character introduction or any backstory.The visuals are absoultely Stunning with almost zero CGI except for the digitally made Over-Bright shots.The Sun-filled barren Landscapes,The costumes(yes they completely gave me a Post apocalyptic feel),and the Climax shots are the Stand Out features of the movie.

                                               The movie is well-acted or i must say the acting was seriously good,there are no annoying characters in the movie except for the SUN.Hannah Herzsprung who plays the role of Marie,a selfless brave woman who is ready to do anything to protect her little sister does a great job,Stipe Erceg as Tom a friendly helping guy plays his part well.The remainig Cast including the Creepy Cannibal Family(resembles TCM) are decent.
                                                  Considering the small budget(for a PA movie) "HELL" is very well-made and makes way into my TOP 10 PA movies.With a Compelling and Stunning Visual treat,Engaging plot,Good acting and Ronald Emmerich(as the Executive Producer..well you don't get PA movie minus the Zombies without him..do you?) "HELL" should get a 8 out of 10 from everyone who loves survival flicks.

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