Tuesday, 31 January 2012



My Madness for Asian Films is Slowly growing now...After Being Bewildered with "Begotten" i got into "Moju" A.K.A "The Blind Beast" which looked quite boring initially only to leave me speechless by the end of the movie."Japanese" surely have their own way of making movies with subjects one would never imagine.

This Movie Tells The story of a blind sculpter & his mother who kidnap a model & the strange,artistic,dark whatever things that follow.The Movie has only three characters the blind guy,the annoying insane model and a japanese mom.Eiji Funakoshi who plays the blind guy(Michio) does a great job.I don't know if he is really blind but even a real one could'n have done better.
The remaining aspects such as the music,locations add up to the creepy look of the movie.So, If you like creepy little japanese tales and still haven't watched this movie, if you haven't atleast heard about it... by some means give it a try...it will not disappoint you.

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