Saturday, 7 January 2012


                                                          "Subconscious Cruelty" is an Independent Film Written & Directed by Karim Hussain.It is an Arthouse Horror with Imagery that will murder your senses if i'm not wrong.Karim was 19 when he Begun Filming for the movie with producer Mitch Davis who was 22 then.The sub-culture of the mid 90's was the major influence behind Karim's work.The movie is also influenced by the works of David Lynch and David Cronenberg.
                                                        "Subconscious Cruelty" runs in four parts "Ovarian Eyeball" "Human Larvae" "Re-birth" & "Right Brain".The first segment does'nt have any dialog,it has the footage of a women whose abdomen is cut with a scalpel and an eye removed from it(i never understood that part).Then comes part two which finally has someone speaking.It's the story of a young man who is by far the most creepiest character you are likely to see in the movie.He tells the story of himself and his sister,their past and stuff,which is shot very beautifully i must say.

                                                                    The Third Section is...i dunno.... but it will leave you  an unexplainable impression which will last forever striking  your memory everytime you see Diesel(not to be mistaken with "Vin Diesel:) ).The Fourth and the probably the Best Section of the Movie follows a man through places,Jesusus,Cannibalistic Vampires and a lot of Stuff which i wanna keep as a surprise for you,believe me it's worth a surprise.
                                                                    "Subconscious Cruelty" is made with a very low budget, which never shows up on-screen,the  movie is technically perfect in all aspects.There is Barely any Narrative in the movie which makes the Sound Design important &it was handled well(.it's creepy for sure).One the whole it is the best "nihilistic art-house" film i ever experienced pushing all the boundaries of cinema made untill it's time.It's a Monster and if you are gonna watch it
               .WATCH IT AT YOUR OWN RISK...

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