Friday, 21 October 2011


                             This is a "Remake" of a classic 70'S Slasher.Yeah! you know it,I know it & Everyone knows it.There is a Maniac,he was born yellow,his mom hates him,the torture for the sake of watching this movie goes on..the yellow kid gets locked in an attic.And in a WTF! way he becomes a father of a girl who is indeed his sister(if this movie was made around the the place i live and was released on christmas,the whole crew might have got massacred with a chainsaw Leatherface used in the original TCM),and Yawns!Blood!Bad Acting!Awful acting! It is so bad that you'll Regret wasting 94mins. of valuable time of your life.
                              One of the best "worst" Remake ever made in Hollywood,if it was not named black christmas it might have got some appreciation but due to the title it suffers in comparison to the original.The original was great,it had all the factors not just to scare the audiences but to compel them to build terrific scenario in their minds,to get into the heads and create a panic in their minds.On contrast the remake is flat,no suspense what-so-ever,the callers voice was sh#t,this movie tries to add some style and gore to the original but that does'n work in any way.And like RZ'S Halloween there is a backdrop story which is an Epic fail.
                         The casting is bad infact very bad it adds salt to the maggoted wound,the cast mostly has upcoming actresses who never gave a damn about acting in this movie,Seriously the acting is a joke and it is very frustrating.The only admirable about the movie is that it ended just in time before,if not i might have never watched a remake again.i got three things to say about this movie
                        1.SKIP THIS MOVIE
                        2.SKIP THIS MOVIE
                        3.SKIP THIS MOVIE

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