Friday, 6 January 2012


                                                    The Secret world of Arrietty(The borrowers) is based on Mary Norton's book The Borrowers,the first in her five book series about the adventures of a diminutive family who live underneath the floorboards of a house.The title is based on the fact that they borrow everything they need from the house they live in.

                                                                    The plot is predictable ,the main character Arrietty accidentally allows herself to be seen a by a Sho a 12 year boy suffering from a heart aliment.Sho is a well-intentioned boy who lacks care from the family and is mostly seperated from other kids due to his illness.He develops a friendship with Arrietty and watch the movie for the remaining story:)
                                                                  The film is so beautiful that it invites you into a new colourful world of Arrietty,i personally was almost in tears[:')] experiencing the beauty of the movie and wished i was an 8 year old again.The film is well-paced,and it never becomes boring.The Music is Magic..Pure Magic it's pleasant and healing.The remaining characters of Arrietty's mother(hysterical woman) & Dad(Does a Ryan Gosling From "Drive"),Spiller,Niya the cat & a couple of other characters are pretty good.I've never read the book but i believe this could be the best work done based on it.
                                                                       The Story-Telling was Good,The Screenplay was perfect,Hiromasa Yonebayashi's Direction was Flawless,the animation was top-notch.I can't say more about this movie which already is the highest grosser of 2010(Japan).I wish it gets a good response during the theatrical run in US releasing on Feb 17th by Walt Disney Pictures,and my personal view Don't miss it.

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