Saturday, 22 October 2011


                                                  Paranormal Activity 3 is out,it's scary,it's damn scary,believe me it's scary...i went out to watch this movie with a friend and the despite being a Big Screen and a night screening the theater was almost empty since  some huge regional films released this week,however that added to the scares,the audiences were spooked after a long time,people were jumping outta their seats and were laughing the next second......that's what a proper theatrical viewing of the paranormal series does,pure entertainment.
                                                     Moving into the movie,the backdrop goes back to the childhood of the spook-stuck sisters,strange things start happening in the house as expected,the cameras are fixed,the tension builds slowly,everytime the screen shows you the "Day xx" thing you sense something's gonna happen and it happens but you still get scared.
                                              And the second half will throw you out of the seat atleast a couple of times even if you are not that jumpy,the climax ????watch it for yourselves.However i was left with some questions and if this is going to be the end of the series a Lot of people will be left with question marks.Anyways,this movie is far more better and scary than it's predecessors,the acting was pretty good the sound effects are like a soul of the entire series which are good,and the new rotating camera builds a lot of tension for sure.
                                         Go watch the movie,it's got some good scares and some real good scares.....get ready to count how many times your butt kisses a goodbye to the seat.

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