Thursday, 20 October 2011

an ArTiStIc "DRIVE"

                      I was expecting a typical Crime Drama something around Ben Affleck's "The Town" after watching the promo,I never knew this movie and was never aware of a Director called Nicolas Winding Refn and i'm not a great fan of Ryan either, i did'n have  many movies to watch & since  i like watching movies which are brand new,i decided to test "DRIVE" without looking at the IMDB stuff and believe me i found a Gem.
                    Ryan Goosling-That Kid never Blinks,delivers his best-performance till date,he plays a role of a Calm,Gentle and a Friendly Nieighbourhood guy to a Brutal killing machine for the sake of protecting the innocent.He is rightly named as one of the most reliable actors in hollywood,a performance which will be remembered for years.
                      DRIVE which plays around 100 minutes is mostly a Drama for the first Half,things slowly kick-off and the movie takes a U-turn into a ultra-violent Revenge Flick.Carey mulligan  suits her role and does a good job,there are moments of complete silence and a tender romance between the lead pair.
                      The other cast including Bryan Cranston,Albert Brooks,Ron Pearlman & Oscar Issac add a good support to the movie and the next best part of DRIVE is the music and sound mixing.Songs like "A REAL HERO" "OH MY LOVE" add a great novelty of how suffocating silence can be shown with great music,the mixing is great,from good car-chase sequences to ryan's silence it plays a character in the movie for sure.

                    Nicolas proves that Great movies are made up of respect for the story,screenplay and craft rather than Heavy budget no-point story-lines and Michael Bay.This is a High-quality Retro action flick with a wholesome art-house flair.A movie that will be remembered and probably the best that came out in 2011.