Saturday, 8 December 2012



Aditya Narayan
Rahul Dev
Shweta Agarwal
Shubh Joshi


Vikram Bhatt who made a great impact on Bollywood with 'Raaz' established himself as a horror movie specialist since then. But his movies barely worked post Raaz. ' 1920 ' a thrilling tale of possession ends on a bad note raging the audiences for copying 'The Exorcist' scene to scene in the penultimate moments of the film,but the movie worked though for most of the part. 'Raaz 3' was his only success post 1920. Okay now I will end the banter and say that 'Shaapit' is a midget in the world of "Disaster movies".

The Concept of 'Shaapit' is innovative and thrilling:A curse carried through generations of a Royal family, which is guarded by a ghost. Unfortunately Kaaya (our leading lady) belongs to be the third or fourth generation of the Royal family and cannot get married to Aman (our leading guy) and keeps getting hurt by the ghost whenever she tries to get in contact with him because of the curse. Now Aman sets off on a journey with his friend & a Professor of Paranormal sciences(?) to destroy the ghost guarding the curse and save the life of Kaaya.The story shifts to various places even a different time period during the movie. How could one make a mess of such a handsome looking story line???

Vikram Bhatt does have great skills and is an excellent storyteller but makes up some seriously complex concepts for his movies which are totally illogical and are never understood. His concepts are nothing less to Rocket science,he uses theories by the Mayans,some kind of weird connection between solids,liquids and gases which ends up sending people to other worlds and stuff in 'Shaapit' which are dumb and become very irritating at times. Next comes the CGI,which has always been a drawback of his movies. The CGI is so bad that it's just bad,even in his latest blockbuster 'Raaz 3D' it was laughable. Why not invest some money on it when the story is gonna need it very badly ??

Now moving on to the better parts the acting is believable. Aditya Narayan does a good job and never looks like a debutante and Rahul Dev as the Professor does an excellent job. Shubh Joshi and the others do their part well leaving no scope for bad acting which could have made the movie almost intolerable. The Music is exceptional like in any other Vikram Bhatt movie,but could have been way better if it was cut short of atleast two songs.

On the whole 'Shaapit' starts well and reaches the top by the end of the first hour. The last hour is just an endurance test.With a running time of 2 hours and 15 minutes it  should hard  to watch for non Bollywood viewers.


  1. Sounds like an interesting movie. I bet you're right about it being hard to find in America. Good review.