Sunday, 27 May 2012


"Yi boh lai beng duk" A.K.A "Ebola Syndrome"(1996)Starring: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Meng Lo, Miu-Ying Chan, Vincent Wang
Written by Ting Chau
Directed by Herman Yau

                 Ebola Syndrome is a Hongkong Exploitation Flick about Ah Kai(Anthony Wong) who is a Bullied-Sex Crazed-Lunatic who works at a chinese Restaurent in South Africa.He Gets infected with the Ebola virus(Yes!!He rapes an infected sick and totally Helpless woman of the African Tribe) and luckily survives it becoming a carrier of the virus and starts spreading it causing an outbreak of the disease in South Africa and Hong Kong.

                      Hollywood tried to make use of the Ebola Outbreak in the 90's with "OUTBREAK" which was an okay movie(only for the Ensemble cast) but was far away from "Over the Top" or entertaining which"Yi boh lai beng duk" A.K.A "Ebola Syndrome" does with an ease.The movie starts with a Bang right from the Word go till the last minute.It has everything an impressive Exploitation movie needs Starting from a Nasty Pervert to 4 frogs being mutilated in around 30 seconds and many others ,the hilarious Dialog needs a Special mention.About the performances,Anthony Wong does a great job as Ah Kai.He perfectly fits into the character of a stupid bullied pervert which is totally lovable.The remaining Cast does well but doesn't have much scope,since the whole story revolves around one character.The Background score is fantastic and the Special Effects are totally Believable,The Storyline is very thin but Herman Yau makes the movie interesting by throwing in some good Violent and Gory scenes.

FINAL WORD:So if you are a fan of Exploitation cinema,you should'n be missing this violent Macabre Comedy.It's got Hamburgers with Human Flesh,Lot of Blood,A good Amount of Puke and around 7 pairs of *****(you know what)!!!!

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