Friday, 27 January 2012


                                                         Well i felt weird,i felt bad,i felt like Caterpillares walking all over my body during the 72 minutes of E.Elias Merhige's "BEGOTTEN"... but i neither hit the pause button nor i blinked(i thought so)...If a movie with  no dialog,no specific characters and a grainy look making no sense(Unless you have read the synopsis) keeps you glued to the screen,then it's clear that the film maker has done an excellent job.E.Elias Merhige's does it with Begotten.

The plot deals with the story of Genesis,the opening of the movie takes place with god Disemboweling himself with a razor(Weird),Mother Earth impregnates herself with his Semen(Weirder) and she gives birth to the "Son Of Earth"leaving him in a Barren Land,where he meets some humanoids...Things start to go out of hands from here..."Son Of Earth" starts to vomit his internal organs while being dragged by his umbilical cord to Mother Earth who is later raped and mutilated by the Faceless humanoids,Even the Son Of Earth is mutilated and both of them are buried...There is some weird imagery that follows these events...Finally we see some flowers n stuff that grow on the burial site.

There is no Dialog in the movie,There is a little music at times and the noises of Cricket's all the time.The Actors are not Recogonizable due to the Heavy Photographic Effects and there is no comedy in the movie(Seriously!!!)
"One Man's Trash Is Another's Man's Art" i never knew what that meant...but Begotten belongs to the"Art or Trash" Section,Love or Hate this movie will stick with you forever..A Must watch for Arthouse movie fans.

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