Wednesday, 26 October 2011


                                                         Ra.One is finally out after a 6 month promotion program of launching playstation games, comics,dolls and a lot of other merchandise creating  huge and monstrous expectations among the does the movie live up to the expectations & the hype created????? Well,here is a little review with some tiny spoilers.....
      The movie begins with some nerdy stuff about some technologies and a comic dream sequence,SRK plays a typical Tamilian...Kareena as his not so typical north indian wife and a kid who looks like a coming of age Brendan Fraser from 'George of the Jungle'...kid does'n like his boring(very irritating at times even for the audience) dad,dad does something for the kid...he gets impressed.Things go wrong ,we are also running out of time and patience and Bang!Bang!Bang! Ra.One & G.ONE are on the screen...the Raftaarein background score starts playing...everytime you hear it your adrenalin starts pumping,and believe me the last sequence of the first half will blow you away..

  The second half does a good job,the villan gets a face of Arjun Rampal,good comic scenes and a modest music will keep things going,there is a small cameo from Rajini which pays off well,a new love starts budding a couple of tears here n there and without any knowledge of time you are into

 The Game starts playing itself,It's " vs Ra.One",there are some huge fight sequences as you expect,some good dialogues,and an eventful finale. 

Srk as usual is at his best in both the characters of Shekar and,Kareena does a fiar job(i personally loved her in this movie),Arjun Rampal looks perfect as a badass,Sahana Goswami,the kid and others are okay.
 Made with a huge budget around 175 crores,this movie raises the bar of indian cinema in every technical aspect,the 3D effects are very good,the visual effects are stunning and every super-hero film made in india after this will be compared to this movie.The music has already been popular and the visuals are also good,chammak-challo stands out as the best song.

Overall Ra.One is a decent movie,close to KRRISH and far away from ROBOT,worth "one' watch in 2D and worth a watch in 3D

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