Tuesday, 3 January 2012

ROCKSTAR-The Best Of Bollywood(2011)

                                                                                                                                                                       Story:Janarthan Jakhar(Ranbir kapoor),a Downtown College Boy in Delhi nurtures Dreams of Becoming the next Jim Morrison.But before he can evolve on his creative journey and metamorphose into Jordan,he must experience life-altering love,heartbreak,self-discovery.
                                                              Rockstar is a beautiful painting on a canvas. It's a journey through the soul of a musician; mellow and bitter sweet. It's not a feel good movie or even an actual tale. It has gaps as glaring as a 30 foot wide goal post but Rockstar has a soul and that keep you fixed to the screen long after the goal! 
                                                              I liked Rockstar for three reasons; AR Rahman, the visuals and Ranbir Kapoor. A R Rahman has weaved magic and the music would be stuck in your head long after the movie; 'Saddha Haq'is raw and full of energy and will gets your fists pumping in the air. The visuals are simply scintillating; there would definitely be more Indians holidaying in Prague and Kashmir now. Anil Mehta deserves the kudos for the cinematography; Kashmir will take your breath away but the lapses quickly bring it back.

                                                                 Ranbir Kapoor has been Hindi cinema's Next Big Thing for a while now. With Rockstar, he lives up to the hopes pinned on him to deliver big. Ranbir revels in Jordan's complexities; another actor may have found it to be an obstacle. The character arc undergoes constant transformation and he adapts suitably. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that Ranbir's portrayal of Jordan may go down as one of Hindi cinema's most accomplished performances by a lead actor. Just to see him work his magic on screen.
                                                                   Imtiaz Ali, in trademark fashion though, isn't content with Focussing on the complexities of a troubled musician; he gives us a dose of romance too, and a generous one at that. Estrangement from family, lack of fulfillment in life, and self-discovery apart, what really drives Jordan's music is his relationship with Heer (Fakhri, beautiful but awkward). Volatile as the affair is, it's also what keeps Jordan sane, and Heer alive.On the whole This an emotional, and an intense journey of a simple man who goes on a path of self destruction. A Must Watch, this movie needs deep understanding and appreciation.

                "Away beyond ideas of wrong-doing & right-doing,there is a field.I will meet you there"


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