Friday 15 March 2013


Vijay Sethupathi
Remya Nambeesan


The basic plot of the movie revolves around Michael who works as a Pizza delivery boy and lives with his girl friend Anu,who is an aspiring writer and has an obsession about ghosts and Paranormal things.Michael is shown to be Claustrophobic and irritated with his girl-friends obsession. Things start getting strange when Michael finds out that his boss's daughter is being possessed and experiences her being exorcised which brings panic and a belief in ghosts in him.The best move of the movie comes when Michael sets out for a pizza delivery to a house which turns out to be haunted.The Movie steps to the next level from a bland comedy to an intense horror/suspense thriller keeping the audiences guessing.The revelations in the end provides the necessary support for all the happenings making Pizza a perfect and best thriller that came out from India in the recent times.

Vijay Sethupathi excels in his role as Michael,from a cowardice vulnerable character to a courageous young man.The variations he shows are perfect for the character.Since most part of the movie deals with Michael the rest of the cast have only a little to offer which comes out well.Moving to the technical aspects since most part of the movie happens inside a haunted house the music plays a major role and Santhosh Narayanan provides the required eerie tone which is top notch.Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography is excellent both with the romantic and Haunting sequences.The screenplay is tight and adds to Debutante Karthik Subbaraj's excellent directorial skills.

Pizza starts of well but shifts into a normal Tamil movie mode with romance and humor(only with a subtle treatment) for most of the first half and bounces back furiously gripping the audiences till the last minute.The best thing about the movie is that despite having a simple plot it keeps one guessing the whole time.The haunted house sequences definitely make Pizza a worthy watch. Overall with a believable performance from the lead, tight screenplay and the eerie haunted house sequences Pizza is an absolute delight and does increase the scope of more genre movies from India.I say Order your "South-Indian" Pizza today.

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